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Ich werde nicht geladen
Ich werde nicht geladen
Ich werde nicht geladen
Ich werde nicht geladen
Ich werde nicht geladen
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The Webmaster does not take any responsibility for the shown information concerning actuality, correctness or completeness of content or quality of the information. Should there be any material or moral damages as a result of use or nonuse of our Web site, any claims for such damages shall be rejected. The Webmaster can delete, add or change parts of the Website at any time. All shown information on this Website are completely non-committally.
links/ linked Websites:
The German Land court in Hamburg decided on 12th of Mai 1998 that the owner of a Website have to take responibility of the contents of linked sites. That can only be effected if you distance oneself from the contents of the linked sites and the links inside the linked sites.
The Webmaster of this Website canīt take any responsibility of the contents and the links of other linked Websites. Because of that the Webmaster dissociate oneself completely of the contents and further links of the other Webpages. The linked Websites cross-reference on external Websites. The disclaimer take now effect upon.
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The Webmaster of this Website tryīs to respect all copyrights of shown pictures and textual contents. That means that the Webmaster attempt to use only licencefree documents or custom made material. Registered Brandnames belongs to the branded company even if the names are mentioned.
The whole content of this Website (information, texts, pictures and buttons) can only be used by getting the written permission from the Webmaster.
If you notice some parts of the content which impinge this copyright or an other copyright itīs occured without the knowledge of the Webmaster. These impinged parts will be removed as soon as possible by contacting the Webmaster.
protection of privacy:
All information like names, adresses, email-adresses etc. will be handeled with extraordinary diligence. The information will not be given to third parties. Futhermore itīs not allowed to use any names or adresses which are used on this Website for advertising. Legal measure take effect by infringe the protection of privacy.
authenticity of this disclaimer:
The authencity of this disclaimer is accorded to the year of the copyright which is shown above.
The remaining parts of this document and the content maintain itīs legal force even if the contents of this text donīt correspond the actually legal basis and does not influence the rest of the content.
liability of the content according to the German law § 10 passage 3 MDStV and § 6 TDG:
Ich werde nicht geladen